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Shopping at a sample sale differs from shopping in your typical department store. This is a fast-pace environment to get your hands on the best pieces at the best prices. Some might call it a sport, but fear not, we’ve got the top 10 tips to get you ready to walk in with a light wallet and leave with heavy bags.

1. Research The Brands
Scope out exactly what brands and items you can expect to see at the sale. This allows you to create a game plan and prioritize where you will head first upon entry. If a designer jacket is the item you are seeking for your closet, then head to the jacket section first! It’s important to prioritize what you’re hoping to grab. 

2. Wear Easy-To-Remove Clothes
Sample sales may or may not have fitting rooms, and even if they do, this can take away from your shopping time. We suggest wearing leggings and a tight tank top that makes for an easy base to slip pieces over. Keep accessories, such as jewelry and belts, at home. And if you can, keep your coat in the car.

3. Come Nourished and Hydrated
There is nothing worse than being at a sale event and feeling a grumble in your stomach, setting you back from your best performance of shopping. Sample sale shopping is much of a sport, so prepare for it in the same way! That means eating and drinking before you arrive.

4. Carpool
Now you are ready to head to the sale! Since you’ve told all your friends about the amazing brands and discounts, you are bound to round up a crew of friends and family who want to join. We suggest heading in a full car to help avoid cases of circling the parking lot for a parking spot.

5. Early Bird Gets The Worm
The best selection is always on the first day. Yes, sample sales restock their merchandise throughout the sale, however your best chance of getting the piece you want means getting there early! As well, sometimes the event will open earlier than advertised, so waiting in line upon opening will totally be worth it!

6. Bring Cash
Although sample sales do accept debit and credit cards, don’t forget there could be an extra cash discount. Do your research and make sure you are getting the best bank for your purchases!

7. Come Back Again
Going at the tail-end of the sale isn’t a bad idea. As we mentioned, sample sales restock their merchandise and if you didn’t get your paws on the size Medium sweater you wanted, perhaps it will be there when you come back. Don’t forget, bring your friends that couldn’t make it on your first trip and they may even buy a gift to repay you!

8. Look For Investment Pieces
Don’t be afraid to buy something that may not be in your size. Sometimes you will find items at such a great discounted price, that there may be the option to resell it to an acquaintance or online.

9. Arrange a Babysitter
What are friends and family for, if not to look after your little loved ones for a couple hours while you shop for luxury? In most cases, strollers are not allowed to enter the sale, and this is no time to be distracted or have your hands full with baby bottles and snacks.

10. Double check the Dates and Address
Sounds silly, but it happens! You don’t want to be the one that trekked over to the event only to find out it doesn’t open until tomorrow. We understand the excitement but we don’t want you to get ahead of yourself!

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